What is the purpose of the School Advisory Council?

The SAC represents the school community as the means for school improvement. It is composed of the principal and a balanced number of teachers, other school staff members, and parents, along with business and community people, who are representative of the ethnic, racial, and economic community served by the school so that all groups of the school community have a voice in school improvement. 

The SAC's primary role is to assist the principal in developing and evaluating the school improvement plan (SIP) in order to help students achieve success.  In addition, the SAC advises the principal in the preparation of the school's budget as well as assist in prioritizing the needs of the school. The efforts of the SAC are always focused on improving student achievement.

Meeting Schedule:

SAC Meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of the month in the Media Center. Please pay attention to the Principals weekly newsletter for any changes. 

Who are the school’s SAC members for 2018-2019

The school is responsible for setting up election and appointment procedures.  

  •  Jared Scott, Principal
  • Cristina Wright, SAC Chair
  • Elyse Jones, Secretary
  • Appointed and Elected Members

November 13 Meeting Agenda
December 6 Meeting Agenda
January 10 Meeting Agenda
February 7 Meeting Agenda