First Grade

Entering First Grade Skill Expectations

Social Studies

(The learner will…)

· Describe the qualities of good

citizenship in the home, school, and


· Interpret and use simple maps

· Explain the purpose of government

· Demonstrate the concepts of: goods

and services; producers and

consumers; wants and needs

· Distinguish between past, present,

and future

· Explore diverse cultures


(The learner will…)

· Classify groups of living/nonliving


· Show awareness of the five senses

· Investigate weather patterns

· Explore the earth's surface: land and


· Begin to use the scientific method

· Identify the parts of a plant and an


· Develop an awareness of the water


· Use scientific knowledge to ask

questions and make observations

Reading/Language Arts

(The learner will…)

· Use long and short vowels

· Identify parts of a book

· Note details in a story

· Choose the best title

· Alphabetize to the first letter

· Identify before/after

· Listen and follow directions

· Compare and contrast stories

· Identify rhyming words/sounds

· Identify story elements

· Comprehend reading material at

grade level

· Express ideas orally

· Demonstrate good listening behavior

· Identify and read basic sight words

and vocabulary words

· Demonstrate mastery of letters

· Use sound/symbol relationships

· Retell, dramatize, or dictate a story

· Demonstrate an awareness of

classroom reference materials

· Explain the difference between

fiction and non-fiction stories

Writing Skills

(We will assist our learners in…)

· Printing first and last name

· Printing daily work legibly

· Using descriptive language

· Beginning journaling; expressing

thoughts in written form

· Understanding plurals

· Beginning to write complete


· Beginning to use appropriate

punctuation (. , ? ! ")

· Recognizing action and naming words

· Developing characters

· Recognizing story patterns

· Becoming aware of multi-cultural

literature and language


(We will assist our learners in…)

· Classifying numbers: greater/lesser,


· Problem solving

· Reproducing repeating patterns

· Identifying money: penny, nickel,

dime, quarter, half-dollar, dollar

· Adding and subtracting facts to ten

· Rote counting to 100

· Identifying and writing numbers to


· Telling time to the hour and half


· Understanding place value of: ones,

tens, and hundreds

· Estimating and measuring in inches

and centimeters

· Counting in multiples of 2, 5, and 10

to 100

· Beginning to use simple fractions

· Identifying days of the week,

months of the year, number words,

and color words

· Comparing, sorting, and classifying

geometric shapes

· Making and reading a simple graph

· Organizing data using tally marks

Curriculum Connections

We believe children learn best as they

experience the world around them. Your

first grader will have the opportunity to

attend many culturally diverse field trips

and participate in a variety of activities

within our own community. Children will

participate in activities such as the



· Field Trips

· Monthly trips to our school library

· Various community guest speakers

Skills are aligned with

Florida's Sunshine State Benchmarks