(l. to r.):  Rebecca Artzt, Lauren Addison, Marisol Winokur, Brooke Atsma, Logan Weeks,
Irmalis Quirindongo, Kristy Terrizzi, Avery Piperato



Entering Kindergarten Expectations

 Dear Parents,

 Your child is getting ready for kindergarten. Below you will find some skills to practice, as well as literary resources and websites:

 * Independent self-help skills such as putting things away, hand washing, toileting,
eating and opening containers, tying laces, etc.

 * Practice one-step and multi-step directions

 * Cooperative Play

 * Knows, recognizes and writes name

 * Knows birthday, phone number, and address

 * Establish routines for various activities

 * Gross motor skills such as climbing and skipping

 * Fine motor skills cutting, pasting, lacing, etc.

 * Memory Games

 * Book handling skills



§ The Night Before Kindergarten by: Natasha Wing

§ Welcome to Kindergarten by: Anne Rockwell

§ Annabelle Swift, Kindergartner by: Amy Schwartz

§ Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come! by Nancy Carlson

§ Arthur series by Marc Brown

§ Dr. Seuss series

§ Todd Parr series

 Studies show that reading to your child daily enhances their reading skills. Books may be obtained from a public library.