Fifth Grade

Timber Springs Middle School Summer Reading List      

Entering Fifth Grade Expectations


Ø Summarize a story

Ø Identify the main idea of a passage

Ø Identify supporting details of a passage

Ø Distinguish the difference between Cause and Effect

Ø Understand the difference between fact and opinion

Ø Be able to predict an outcome to a story

Ø Understand different types of Author Viewpoints


Ø Write full developed paragraphs

Ø Respond to questions in complete sentences

Ø Know appropriate capitalization and punctuation

Ø Be able to use clues to understand new vocabulary

Ø Write legibly using cursive handwriting


Ø Mastery of multiplication tables up to 12

Ø Regrouping to the thousands

Ø Place value to the thousandths and to the billions

Ø Long division with remainders

Ø Adding and subtracting fractions

Ø Uses appropriate units of measurement (inches, feet, yard,

centimeter, meter)