Second Grade


Entering Second Grade Expectations


*Counts, reads and writes numbers to 100

*Adds and subtracts to 20

*Uses appropriate units of measurement (inches, feet, yards, centimeters,

meters) and appropriate tools (ruler, scale)

*Counts by 1, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s to 100

*Knows all the shapes and how many sides and corners each has


*Can write a minimum of 3 complete, coherent and logically sequenced

sentences that focus on a single topic


*Recognize and produce sound combinations: blends (th, sh, ch, br etc.)

*Determine meaning of suffixes, compound words and contractions

*Can sequence major story events (tell what happened first, second, etc.)

*Correct spelling of basic sight words


* Works and plays well with others

* Can follow directions

* Can follow basic classroom rules (raising their hand, respectful of others, etc.)

* Takes care of personal needs


Authors Every Child Should Know

(use this list for summer reading)

Stan and Jan Berenstain (Berenstain Bears series)

Marc Brown (Arthur series)

Joanna Cole (Magic School Bus series)

Eloise Greenfield (Honey, I love and Nathaniel Talking)

Trina Schart Hyman (Little Read Riding Hood)

James Marshall (The Cut-Ups Crack Up)

James Ransome (Uncle Jed’s Barbershop)

Dr. Seuss (any in the series)

Jane Yolen (Owl Moon, Street Rhymes around the World)

Barbara Park (Junie B. Jones series)

Your child should read 20 minutes a day. Find an author or book that

interests them and have them read daily.