Third Grade

Entering Third Grade Expectations

Phonemic awareness


Oral Language


Segments cccvc and cvccc Syllables

Segments (4-6) multi

syllabic word

Blends sounds into words

and self monitors to see if it

makes sense.

Applies segmentation skills

to spelling and selfmonitors

to see if it makes


Uses structural

cues to include:

word order, prefixes,

suffixes, and


endings to decode

unfamiliar word.

Knows antonyms,

homophones, and

synonyms, for a variety

of words.

Explains how word

pairs are similar and


Uses knowledge of

same and different to

compare and contrast

objects, actions, places,

people and events.

Uses simple verbal


Knows multiple

meanings for some

nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and propositions.

Begins to understand

simple proverbs, metaphors and similes.

Understands the meaning of variety of prefixes, suffixes and morphological endings.

Understands conjunctions: than, unless, although,

whether, however, as, while and in spite of.

*Uses prior knowledge to make connections,

inferences and predictions from text.

*Uses comprehension

strategies to include:

retelling, restating, and summarizing information.

Can identify main

idea and subordinate


*Identifies supportive

data from the text,

when answering


*Uses specific ideas,

and information from

text to answer literal


*Understands how to

organize information

to compare and contrast.

*Reads informational

text for a specific

purpose and carries

out a short procedure.

*Understands and

uses simple reference

materials. (Chapter

titles, table of contents, indices.)

*Knows Basic genres.



Writtten Language


Reads with


varying pitch, rate and intensity

appropriately Reads correctly,

79-107 WPM

Uses conventional

spelling with some

inventive spelling.

Uses knowledge of

contractions, base words and compound words to determine the meaning of words.

Writes a simple five

sentence paragraph with a

single topic using first, next and last sequence.

Edits a first draft.

Uses punctuation to

include: period, question and exclamation mark.

Knows addition

and subtraction

facts to 20.

Adds and

subtracts 2 digit

numbers with

and without


Multiples and divides without


Writes numbers

to 1000.

Skip counts by 2,

3, 5 and 10.

Makes change up

to $1.00.

Tells time to 5

minute intervals

Reads picture,

line, venn and

bar graphs

Measures using

customary and

metric system

Applies addition

and subtraction

rules to solve

story problems.