Here’s a link to the SSYRA books for all 3 grade bands (K-2, 3-5, 6-8):

The Following link is a Kindergarten Readiness Checklist to help you with your child as you prepare for kindergarten:
Kindergarten Readiness Checklist.pdf

Entering Kindergarten Expectations

 Dear Parents,

 Your child is getting ready for kindergarten. Below you will find some skills to practice, as well as literary resources and websites:

 * Independent self-help skills such as putting things away, hand washing, toileting,
eating and opening containers, tying laces, etc.

 * Practice one-step and multi-step directions

 * Cooperative Play

 * Knows, recognizes and writes name

 * Knows birthday, phone number, and address

 * Establish routines for various activities

 * Gross motor skills such as climbing and skipping

 * Fine motor skills cutting, pasting, lacing, etc.

 * Memory Games

 * Book handling skills



Studies show that reading to your child daily enhances their reading skills. Books may be obtained from a public library.